We provide GSM dial to open units, allowing full control of accessing your gate from your mobile phone.

We offer technical support on integrated units where required.

Access control systems vary for different purposes. Our range include Stand Alone Swipe Card Systems or systems that can be controlled via your laptop or office computer. This system is programmed to record all access information from each entry or exit at times and dates used and is useful to inspect staff working hours.

CCTV Via our Registered PSA Licenced Security Outside Contractor

security camera

We can facilitate and arrange for the design and install of a CCTV and Video Management System to any property of medium to large scale, allowing for the interlink of CCTV and control of security management software systems and intercoms.


Intercoms range from simple standard units with audio only activated from gate to house or Video intercoms with both black and white monitors and colour monitors. We also provide wireless intercoms.