Product Brochures

FAAC Swing Gate Automation

pdf FAAC 770 Underground
The Faac 770 system is suitable for gates weighing up to 500Kg each leaf. The system is semi commercial and is rated to open/close the gates up to 25 times per hour. Each gate can be up to 3 Mtrs wide. An electric lock should be fitted where each gate is wider than approx 2.2 Mtrs.
pdf FAAC 413 & 415 Gate Operators
The Faac 413 Operator has been devloped for gates up to 2.5 Mtrs per leaf and does not need an open or close stop in the ground. The mechaincal open and closing positions are adjustable directly by mechanical stops on the operator, the system is very effective on "Ranch Type" gates as no straining of the gate is caused in the open or close position. The 415 Operator can move gate leafs up to 4 Mtrs each (Use of a lock for closing is required). Another feature of the operators is the smoothness in operation and lack of noise or vibration
pdf FAAC 412 Swing Gate Operator
pdf FAAC 400 Series Hydraulic Gate Operator
Various Versions for Gate Up to 7 Mtrs per Leaf. Up to 70 Cycles per Hour. Well know for Reliability.
pdf FAAC 422 Hydraulic Gate Operator
A Large Range of Versions suitable for Gate up ot 3 Mtrs per leaf. Available in "CBAC" (Hydraulic Locking in Open and Closed Position)
pdf FAAC 402 Hydraulic Gate Operator
The baby of the Hydraulic Range, Only Capable of 55 Operations per hour! Suitable for Gate from 1.8 Mtr to 3 Mtrs, depending on the Version. Available with Hydraulic Locking in the Closed Position or Without Locking.
pdf FAAC 390 Articulated System
The 390 System is ideally suited where the gate is mounted in the centre of a large pier. The cente of rotation of the gate can be 350mm (Or perhaps a little more) from the inside of the Pier.
pdf FAAC S700H, 24 Volt Hydraulic Underground Automation
This new system is the first system in the world to offer the long life benifets of Hydraulic Technology coupled with the availability of a Battery Backup Facility. The system can drive and self support gates weighing up to 700Kgs per leaf. It is ideal for Apartments due to the very high duty cycle and allows the facility to automatically open the gates in the event of a power failure.

FAAC Sliding Gate Automation

pdf FAAC 884, 3 phase, Gate Weight Max 3500kg
pdf FAAC 844, Gate Weight Max 1800kg
pdf FAAC 746, Commercial/Residential Operator, Gate Weight Max 600kg
pdf FAAC 741, Residential Sliding Gate Operator, Gate Weight Max 900kg
High specification low cost sliding gate operator. Suitable for residential use on gates weighing up to 900kgs.
pdf FAAC 740, 24v Sliding Gate Operator
The 740, 24volt operator has the option to install a battery backup unit. The unit can be installed internally within the operator or a larger capacity battery backup kit can be fitted external to the operator. Max Weight of Gate = 400kg.

Faac Automatic Barriers

pdf FAAC Stainless Steel Barriers
The 620 and 640 barriers are available in stainless steel versions. Their are versions with duty cycles of 70 to 100% and capable of driving various boom lengths at different speeds. Details are on the spec sheet.
pdf FAAC 640 Barrier
pdf FAAC 620 TT, Super Fast Barrier
High Speed Barrier, 100% Duty Cycle, Opening Speed with 3.5 Mtr Boom = 1.3 Seconds Suitable for Toll Road and Car Park's.
pdf FAAC 620 Standard Barrier, Up to 5 Mtrs
pdf FAAC 620 Rapid Barrier, Up to 4 Mtr Boom, 2 Second Operation
The 620R barrier is a designed to accept a Boom with a Max Length of 4 Mtrs. The barrier has a 100% duty cycle and is ideal for parking applications. The barrier has numerous "Logic's" to suit any application including immediate closing after a vehicle passes through. The control panel allows easy managment of Vehicle Loops, the NEW Version on the FAAC 624 BLD Control Panel has the Loop Detectors included FREE of Charge on the control panel.
pdf FAAC 617 Electro-Mechanical Barrier
The 617 is a lower cost solution where the duty cycles of the Hydraulic Range of Barriers is not required. The barrier will accept a heavy duty boom (100mmx50mm) of 4 - 7 Mtrs in Length (With or without Skirts or Support Leg). The barrier can operate to a maximium of 130 cycles per hour. Two versions are available, the barrier can be supplied with a basic control panel with simple "Automatic" or "Semi-Automatic" logics OR can now be supplied with the new 624 BLD control panel which features many advanced logics. More details are available on request.
pdf FAAC 615 Barrier